Map of competence

Work that needs onsite presence is probably not of interest, so will not be listed in English.

Competence concerning software goes beyond MCP-certifications on Microsofts Office and Windows. Knowledge of other software is extensive.

Familiar with the integration between mobile technology and PC/internet.

Competence regarding all facets of security includes knowledge about virus- ,scareware-, bloatware-, hackerattacks and more. It includes knowledge of solutions such as AV software and FW. How to clean up and recover from those problems. Technical analysis and investigation.

Knows businessapplications. Operational management, administration and maintenance.

Remote control, surveillance, monitoring, alerts from of all kinds of running services etc.

Use and production of mid-level video, graphical editing and blogging.

Seek and find information on internet, build a communications- and mediastrategy based on search engines (SEO) and social medias such as Facebook og Twitter.

ND has three goals:

1: Customer shall be satisfied with services rendered.

2: Quality and pertinence is important

3: Customer shall profit from utilizing NagelDatas services.