Information for English speaking customers

NagelData is a small personal business based in Oslo in Norway. To the customer that means a much more personalized service and lower fees.

Varied services are offered, this site displays those. Unfortunately that display is in Norwegian, but if you wish to inquire, please make contact by way of one of these channels.

NagelData is always looking for the best and most lasting solutions for the customer, and also utilizes a network of other companies to complement NagelDatas services.

NagelData contributes to the maximization of the customers investments in various fields of IT.

NagelData will upon hiring automatically function as a neutral advisor for the benefit of the customer. The customer will, when suitable, get advices as part of the offered services!

ND har tre mål:

1: Kunden skal være fornøyd.

2: Kvalitet og nøyaktighet er viktig.

3: Kunden skal profitere på å benytte NagelData sine tjenester.